Spica Raghia Andromeda is a vate1 White Harlot from Gi'on, Yasaka. She is the daughter of Honami. Her true name is Manaka Houshou (宝精 愛華 Houshou Manaka).

The Vate Mystics2 of the Lost Illusion3 has given her the title of Celestial Maiden4: She was tasked to travel to Aistear Creidimh in order to wish for an equal world for vate and other races. On her journey, she met an aes'sidhe named Sleipial, and a trojan named Rudolph.

She has a long rubine red hair, which split in the middle-back. Her left eye is bright rubine red, while her right eye is bright sapphire. Her heavy weight and her three size (106-64-96) are often become intriguing subjects among her friends. She is very feminine and always wears a skirt with any of her outfits. While kind, she is far from being the sharpest mind when it comes to puzzles. In battle, Spica wields a feather mantle, which boosts her buffing power. She is not proficient in fighting, however.

Spica can make various dishes, but the best she can is vinegared rice combined with other raw ingredient, usually fish. While her party members praise the simple and fresh taste, Perseonn is always bothered to eat the raw fish. When idling in towns, she will visit the town's Vate Temple and perform her task as the Celestial Maiden to collect money for the party. She makes the most money among all party members.

Spica's journey represents herself by the choices that she makes. She is in an unresolved situation as a result of choices made in the past. She can choose either to ignore it or to change it and take full responsibility for the consequences.

Spica's name was taken from the brightest star in Virgo Constellation. Her last name is taken from my last name. Her true name is taken from a character in a certain Illusion game. She is 37 years old (by vate age reckoning) during the event of Requiem of the Twilight Star, 155 cm tall and weighs 64 kg.

1 Vate (語姫 Katarihime, lit. "talking princess") is race that belongs to the Vines superfamily. They appear as a female humanoid with pale skin; varied hair and eye color; chrysanthemum-shaped birth tattoos covering their left shoulder, back, to right thigh; a flower on their head, and vines instead of ears.
2 Vate Mystics (語姫仙女 Katarihime Sen'nyo) are three entities who vates consider as the second-rank supreme being, below the Sacred Mother of Creation (創造聖母 Souzou Seibou).
3 Lost Illusion (失われた幻想 Ushinawareta Gensou) is a faith of worshiping vate deities. For them, a sexual intercourse is equal to praying.
4 Celestial Maiden (天津之乙女 Amatsu-no-Otome) is a vate appointed by the Mystics, to carry a faith-based order. The reasoning of the appointment is unknown, but is considered a great honor.