Character Submission

Before you start submitting your character, please read this detailed guidelines which will help you follow the site's formula format.

Submission Limitation

You are not limited to how much you can submit, but please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Not dumping too many characters at once. Please limit yourself to post a maximum of 2 characters at once. You can put other characters as soon as your character(s) already on site.
  • Follow the formula guidelines correctly. Details are on each section. If you don't follow the formula, there will be follow-up questions by the website team, ultimately delaying your character.
  • We have the right to delay your character because of quality and your track record.

Formula Formatting

Global rule is that you can omit all fields that don't have values. Always follow the way color is written within the game.

Sending Save Data

You can send us your Save Data to help speeding up submissions. There are limitations, however:

  • Soul Calibur III: You need to send a PCSX2 compatible memory card. Only first and second slot are usable for submission. If you are sending more than 2 characters, you must send multiple memory cards.
  • Soul Calibur Broken Destiny: You need to send the save data from either your PSP or emulator. Region does not matter.
  • Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur V and Warriors series: You can only send PS3 or PC data. X360 users are limited to writing formula only.

Soul Calibur III

All colors must be in the format "00,00"

Soul Calibur IV

All colors must be in the format "0:00,00". Voice and face must be fully written, e.g. "Female Face #" or "Male Face #".

Broken Destiny

All colors must be in the format "0:00,00". Voice and face must be fully written, e.g. "Female Face #" or "Male Face #".

Soul Calibur V

All colors must be in the format "0:00,00". We accept video formula, but ensure you highlight every single option and the video is of good quality. Ezio and Algol styles are eligible for submission.

Soul Calibur VI

Different from previous Soul series submission, Soul Calibur VI submission will be curated before going to the site. All colors must be in the format "0,0,0"; please set the last digit to 0 if the second digit is 0, i.e. 16,0,0. All battle comments are omitted.

Dynasty Warriors 7E

For Face and Mouth you must put how many times you pressed R1 or L1 to reach your characters skin/mouth color from the default unless that is the actual color. Secondary weapon choices are alternatives or a weapon that can help your characters main weapon in some way. As everything is nicely put with a slider if it is to the left(<-) it is negative, if it is to the right(->) it is positive.

Dynasty Warriors 8E

You can use the color parameters to help determine which is which:

Samurai Warriors 4

Positive / negative value are measured from the slider's middle position. Due to how the Save Data is structured, Kotarō Fūma's moveset cannot be used. Note that we do not and will not get Samurai Warriors 4-II if you have vanilla or Empires make sure to note in your title or submission post.

Additional Info

After any formula you can add these fields:

  • Story: Your character's story, if they have any. Cameo character do not need any story.
  • Author's Notes: Your own comment about your character.
  • Notes: You can add notes to website team if you want specific move captured on the shots or any question you want.

Submitting Characters

If you're ready with your formula, feel free to create a thread in the submission forum:

Please remember:

  • Put the Bio and Author Notes (if any) along with the formua
  • If you're using text, you can paste the text there.
  • If you are using the XLSX file or sending Save Data, you can upload it to a file server like MediaFire or DropBox (recommended) and put the link on the thread. Same goes for video.
  • If you are using the officer data, you can upload it to a file server like MediaFire or DropBox (recommended) and put the link on the thread.

Submitting Character Artwork

If you want to submit an additional media for character, please refer to this thread: Presentation Video, Formula, and Alternate Media.

Getting Help

If you have questions about submission, feel free to post a new thread in the Submission Guidelines forum.

Joining the Site (Optional)

If you want, you can become the member of the site. Don't worry about registration, as you can login using your Facebook!