Kagerou Hino (火埜 陽炎 Hino Kagerou) is a shrine monk of Arayashiki. He is one of the direct disciple of Ootengu, along with Suzuka. He refers Suzuka as the "Silent Girl".

When Suzuka defected from the exorcist organization and Kagerou is sent to pursue her. His spirit beast includes Red Rider and Bloody Rabbit. In battle, Kagerou wields a rapier and can summon multiple spirits to aid him.

He has black eyes and short black hair. Since the beginning, he knew what he can do and what he cannot do, but keep striving to push his abilities to the limit. Contrast with the timid but serious Suzuka, Kagerou was flashy and stylish during exorcism. He prefers to spend his free time training with his spirits he borrowed from the spirit vault.

His journey represents his conditioning through upbringing and society. His decision that he is making may be based on views of other people that he has accepted without considering whether they are really his own.

Kagerou's name was created to foreshadow his identity. He is 17 years old during the event of Echo, 174 cm tall and weighs 67 kg.

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