Honami Houseki (宝精 穂波 Houshou Honami) is a vate innkeeper from Gi'on. She is the mother of Spica and a close friend of Phoenica.

Her happy-go-lucky trait passed down to her daughter, but while Spica is spirited, Honami is a laid back person. She does not travel like her best friend, Kaho, and prefers to stay in Gi'on. She owns an inn called Karuizawa Widow's Inn (軽井沢未亡人の宿泊 Karuizawa Miboujin no Shukuhaku), complete with a hot spring inside it. While people think working at an inn is a chore, Honami thinks that everyday work at the inn is a delight.

Honami was named after a character in Snow Drop. She is 164 cm tall and weighs 60 kg.

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