Danae Balthasaar


Danae Balthasaar (née Gremory) is a devil from Nocte Regem, Avernus. She is the wife of Zeus, and mother of Perseonn. Initially, she was given by the devils as a spy in disguise of a war trophy to the dragonkin general, Zeus. Zeus treated her well and fell in love with her, in which she reciprocated. Advised by Kharon, Danae became Zeus' concubine during his reign as the king of the dragons. When his reign was succeeded, Zeus finally married her.

Danae is a kind mother but can be tough in a dire situation. She likes to make lunch boxes for her husband and son, even though both are already grown men. While she is in absolute control as a housewife, Danae never betrays Zeus for any reason. Danae is the sole member of the Gremory family, which makes her the Gremory Eve.

Danae was named after one of the wife of Greek god Zeus. She is 174 cm tall and weighs 59 kg.

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