Charmaine d'Auvergne


Charmaine d'Auvergne is a vampire Avatar Tuner from Nocte Fidelis, Avernus. She is the wife of Nero and mother of twins, Blanche and Leonide.

Fueled by her hatred toward the House Hauts-de-Avernus and the desire to protect her family, Charmaine embarked on a journey to search for the Aistear Creidimh, which she believed can aid her in eradicating her nemesis. During her journey, she met Spica, initially saw her as a rival in searching for the Aistear Creidimh, but later helped her because Spica does not appear to be a threat.

Charmaine has lavender eyes and misty rose medium-length wavy hair. She is smart, elegant, and a bit arrogant, but caring to her family. She always appears classy, showing her noble status and often contrast herself and her surroundings. In battle, Charmaine wields a vampire saber and is able to transform into various spirit beasts.

Charmaine can make various classy dish, but so classy that sometimes the party does not know where to start or wonder why the dish is so small. When idling in town, she can be seen around parks or high-class housings. She periodically contribute money for the party member, from her bank account.

Charmaine's journey represents her experienced self. She loves and protects that which she feel is her family. She accept the responsibility of her feelings, and her strength can nourish and sustain.

Charmaine's name was inspired from Samurai Spirits character, Charlotte. Her previous last name, "Zebulon" is an artifact name from early development of fiction, much like Balthasaar. Her new last name is a homage to the main character of Le Portrait de Petite Cosette. She is 31 years old during the event of Requiem of the Twilight Star, 169 cm tall and weighs 51 kg.

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