Su Xiaolin


Su Xiaolin (蘇小林 Su Xiaolin / So Shourin) is a vulpine therian from Heixiejing, Quanshui. She is the wife of Qinglong.

Xiaolin has bright pink eyes and long braided jade hair. She has a very keen sense of her surroundings, making it a hard task to approach her without being spotted. She loves her husband very much and there are no days that have gone by without her thinking of him. In battle, she wields a pair of hidden long thin claws and an a seemingly unlimited supply of throwing knives in her sleeves, utilizing multiple light strikes rather than a single powerful strike.

Xiaolin can cook various traditional Yaohu dishes, but the prefers dumplings most. Once recruited, she usually sits near a tree and talk to other female characters. She is always accompanied by her pixie familiar named Xiaoke'ai.

Su Xiaolin is a borrowed concept from Buster Wolf's character, Xiao-Lin. Her family name was taken from Fengshen Yenyi character, Su Daji. Xiaolin is 157 cm tall and weighs 42 kg.

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