Richter Formalhaut


Aloysius Richter Formalhaut is a human Blade Guardian from a small village near Nocte Regem. He is the son of Winifred and Edgar.

Decided that he will live a hero's life, Richter sets his foot to a nearby forest and unfortunately, witness the ruin. He sought to restoring the ruined world, and met with Eurystheus and Sauron who agrees with him. As he slowly came to term on what it takes to be a proper swordsman, he met Cathabell and her party who is working toward recreating the world.

He has black eyes and black spiky hair. He is very spirited, righteous, has a strong sense of justice, but a bit naive. He is quite short-tempered and often acts without second thought. His choices are not outside of the box and are often based on what people commonly do. He is somehow very savvy about his self-proclaimed hero position. In battle, Richter wields a sword and mainly function as both physical damage taker and damage dealer.

He excels in baking breads and despite his short temper, he takes great care in making breads. When idling in the garden, he usually hangs with Eurystheus for combat lessons, along with Renn and other physical combatants.

His journey represents his roots of abilities, talents, and potential. He has made a decision to start fresh. He is open to new possibilities within himself that he has not yet explored. He know he wants to do something, but he does not know what it is.

Richter's name was taken from a vampire hunter in Castlevania series. His last name, Formalhaut is a misspelling of Fomalhaut, as well as artifact name which belonged to early version of Perseonn. His baptized name was randomly picked. He is 18 years old during the event of Concert of the Morning Moon, 174 cm tall and weighs 74 kg.

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