Pierce is a simple goblin.

Questioning his existence, he started a journey to find out a reason, a thought that was impossible for a mere goblin. On his journey, he met a vampire lady named Blanche and a naga siren named Rebellia. Since Pierce often respond question regarding his name with "It's just Pierce", many people misunderstood that his name is Just Pierce.

He is indistinguishable from other goblins, apart from the mysterious zipper on his back. He has a fixed smiling face, hence his friends say that he has the "ultimate poker face". Pierce cannot talk or communicate verbally to most intelligent beings. The best he can do is to tug their clothing and give unclear gesture by waving his hands accompanied by squeaks. Among his friends, only Aello can completely understand Pierce. This creates a chain of speaking, since only Sleipial and Rebellia can partially understand Aello. On the contrary, Pierce completely understands what his friends say to him. In battle, Pierce wields a club and surprisingly is able to both take and dish great damage.

He cannot cook, but he is able to eat anything and recognize good dishes. When idling in a town, Pierce wanders around on the town's marketplace, sometimes helping the shop owner to sell stuff.

His journey represents his conscious self. He has the joy and pleasure of true consciousness. He is seeing things as children do. He is vibrant, alive, and aware.

Pierce's name was taken from one of supporting characters in Parasite Eve 2. His last name was previously "Amaranth", but was dropped entirely. He is 127 cm tall and weighs 12 kg.

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