Perseonn Balthasaar


Perseonn Balthasaar is a dragonkin Knight Templar from Mithridates, Knossos. He is the son of Danae and Zeus.

In a certain town, Perseonn met Renn on the local pub. He remarked Renn's peculiar way of thinking and decided to accompany him to Aistear Creidimh. On their journey, they found a pirate named Kirsche, who was stranded on a beach. They saved her and nursed her back to health, in which she also decided to follow them.

He has orange eyes and long slicked back old gold hair. He is very idealistic to the Old Code of the Church which at times puts him in trouble even when his intention was good. He chose to be a templar because he likes to deliver sermons. Different from other preachers, he delivers his sermon to children, believing that children's minds are easier to work with. To help his job, he has a pop-up bible. Although the bible artwork is cute, it is still graphic in depicting violence. Although he prefers morally correct ways, he is not above having adult books on his bag. In battle, Perseonn wields dual blades and is proficient in physical and magical attacks, as well as healing.

He always carries enough sacramental bread and wine. While the party does not quite like the taste, it is better than Rudolph's dishes. When idling in a town, Perseonn will visit the Hellenia church to get his payment.

His journey expresses his inner truth, where he needs to express feelings based on what he experiences in his heart rather than what would be socially expected or demanded of him.

Perseonn's name was modified from the Greek demigod, Perseus. His last name is artifact name that was adapted from the Babylonian king, Belshazzar. He used to have a baptized name, "Thanatos", but was dropped because how ridiculous it sounds. He is 25 years old during the event of Requiem of the Twilight Star, 179 cm tall and weighs 77 kg.

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