Evany Couture
Created by Tricia-chan


It has been seventeen years since she had last seen her brother. He went missing along with the rest of his kingdom. If he hadn't allowed her to escape, she would have been missing too. Wanting to redeem herself, she took a job as an undercover mercenary that would get information on following nations should she be paid the price.

At the age of eighteen, Evany met a French gentlemen. Within the year, she married him, becoming Mme. Couture. At age 23, she had twins - one boy, one girl. She wanted to name her son after her brother, but the naming of the children were up to the husband, so he named them Elliot and Garnet. Evany knew that her secret employment would be too dangerous to involve her family, and she didn't want her children harmed or orphaned, so she reduced herself to a housewife.

Over the years, her children would ask her to tell them the story of the "unknown prince" that made great sacrifices to save his kingdom. She was always vague when telling these tales to her children, but she made sure that they knew their uncle was a just person.

One day, upon returning home from an errand, Evany became anxious and frantic as she discovered that her children were nowhere to be found. With the fact that they were only ten years old, she began to blindly pursuit them, hoping that clues of their whereabouts would arise.

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