Arien "Angel" Parnell
Created by NekoIruha


Name: Arien "Angel" Parnell
Age: 25
Birthplace: Athens, Greece (small cottage near the Edol Kingdom)
Birth Date: November 1
Height: Won't tell
Weight: Won't tell
Laterality: Left
Likes: Traveling, empty places
Dislikes: Her mother, crowded places
Favorite Food: Cake
Weapon: Sword & Shield
Weapon Name: Sage Blade & Elga Shield

Step-dad/King Edol
Party Members/Freya, Rune and Heide
Separated sister/Noki (doesn't know)

After hearing the news that her mother had remarried, Arien was upset. Despite the fact that she dislikes her mother, she joins her kingdom with her mother and step dad anyways.

When she heard news about Soulcalibur and Soul Edge, she immediately left the kingdom to search for the legendary swords. Her party members were quick to catch up with her. Disappearing without a trace, her mother called the guards for a search.

Freya: "I still don't understand the powers of Soulcalibur."
Rune: "Read this book!"(in angry tone) ::gives book to Freya::

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