Huang Zhu-Que
Created by Buster Wolf


This character does not appear during this time period.

This character does not appear during this time period.

Name: Huang Zhu-Que
Age: 16
Birthplace: China
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 107 lbs.
Birth Date: February 14
Blood Type: AB
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Blue
Laterality: Right
Orientation: Bi
Weapon: Jian
Weapon Name: Lovely Blossom


Mother/Su Xiao-Lin
Father/Huang Qing-Long
Grandmother/Su Jiang-Ying

The usual training session has ended both Zhu-Que and her mother Xiao-Lin are tired from the long session.

Xiao-Lin: Very good Zhu-Que, you're improving quite quickly.
Zhu-Que: Mommy any chance we can go out on a real adventure?
Xiao-Lin: *Giggle*Not yet, in due time sweety*pets Zhu-Que's head*…now then time for a break.

Later that day while Zhu-Que was tending the garden her mothers bracelet began to shine, perplexed by the occurrence she went to find her mother.

Xiao-Lin: Is something wrong sweety?
Zhu-Que: Mommy the jewel on the bracelet started shining…what does it mean?

Xiao-Lin stared blankly at her daughter after hearing those words then left the room quietly…confused and curious Zhu-Que didn't know the adventure she's been wanting will happen sooner than she thought.

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