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Vimana is the youngest member of the Dakini. The Dakini are a group of 21 warrior priestesses who claim to all be sisters. They worship a female deity they simply call the Goddess. They generally appear as young women with blueish skin, piercing amber eyes including a third eye on their foreheads, and what seems to be crimson stains on various parts of their bodies, especially on their hands and feet. Many years back the former Dark Emperor Dakkon, Shakari's father, had their place of worship known as the Chamber of the Goddess dismantled and rebuilt in a large courtyard at the Black Citadel and had them banished. Kristof has allowed them to come to the Citadel to do their dancing rituals at the Chamber. Every new moon they come and perform dancing rituals to their Goddess, and for their gratitude they have allowed patrons to observe their rituals. But many find the rituals very unsettling, often suffering from dizziness and hallucinations when observing them. And the dance rituals can be very elaborate, sometimes appearing to be violent and sexual in nature. Kristof hasn't missed one yet.

Dark Saga

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