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It was Shakari's birthday. Nobles and ambassadors from near and far had crowded the throne room to bestow gifts and adoration on the Empress and hoped to gain an audience with the Emperor. As Kristof was mediating two arguing nobles, a winged woman in magnificent amethyst armor approached the Empress on her throne. The woman knelt on one knee and presented the Empress with what appeared to be a necklace. The woman's head was lowered, but she could not resist the urge to lift her head and make eye contact with Shakari. Shakari noticed that the woman had the same amethyst-colored eyes as she did, and though her helmet obscured part of her face, she seemed very familiar to her. The woman quickly turned and disappeared into the crowd. Shakari looked at the necklace she had given her. She gasped when she recognized it as her mothers. She leaped from her throne and pushed her way through the crowd, hoping to find the woman and if she had any information about the whereabouts of Kaleina. But the woman had vanished. Shakari firmly grasped her mother's necklace, and tears rolled down her face, strongly trying to restore her hope that her mother was still alive.

Dark Saga

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