Shiva is the head of the Hindu Pantheon. His spiritual connection to the heavens and the mortal plane has revealed something he has feared for centuries, Osiris has awoken. Shiva had believed Osiris was to sleep for eternity, not being able to exist without his beloved Isis, who was killed during the ancient war amongst the major Pantheons. He found out that Osiris is heading in the direction of Isis' pyramid, where Osiris believes that Isis has been resurrected. But Shiva also found out that it is not Isis, but a sorceress that has usurped her name and her energies residing in her pyramid. Shiva has decided to try to stop Osiris from reaching the pyramid, the truth may drive him further into madness. But Shiva knows he cannot stop Osiris alone, so he begins his quest to seek out and convince the other Pantheons to help him.

Dark Saga

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