Age: 23
Birthdate: 13 Sagitario 4253
Birthplace: Supposedly Asturania…

A former acolyte, or in his own words pawn of the Sanctorum, he has learned the religion has fallen to the Novus Lux’s forbidden secrets connected to the worship of the one revered as Dius to actually being the demon known only as Bal. For most of his life, his first memory was of a knight dropping him off at an orphanage while he was at the brink of his life after a chariot accident. From then on, Rousreuel dreamt of a member of the holy knights known only as the Order as he grew up on tales of their courage as well as become a hero rather than treated like a monster because he was believed to be part demon with his inherit gifts in magick at a young age. He was disillusioned by the fact that they were not the knights of the tales he was told and tried to leave them only to get imprisoned. Upon being freed by the leader of a mercenary group opposing the Novus Lux's machinations, Percio, he decided to learn the truth of the Order. One day in the famed library of the great city of Corazoras, his only place of solace back in his childhood, he learned to his destiny upon learning the shocking truth of the Novus Lux as well as the fact that he was kidnapped by the one he once squired, the Order's commander known only as the Godhand. He willingly chose to become an apostate and join Percio's company. Fearing for those whom he owed his life as well as feeling they would be better off without protecting his high bounty, Rousreuel became a vagabond and an adventurer due to not only his crimes against the church and the secret society that controls it, but also because he was labelled a necromancer by those who feared him as a magus. His tragic childhood led to his cynicism at the world yet he holds a passion to destroy the Novus Lux and the demons it worships, even the one considered their god. He shows strangers no emotion but to those whom he dedicates himself to, he hides his feeling to avoid being a burden on them. He only reveals his emotions on the stage where he can pretend to the hero of the tales he has always loved. Because of his romantic fantasies though, he can be considered naive. He is willing to be hailed a demon himself in his goals for what he believes to be the greater good and to truly bring forth a world free of evil and especially the Novus Lux. However, with his goals comes recurring dreams of a woman claiming to be his grandmother’s spirit reminding him to bring forth a new light to the people and not destroy their faith- words that haunt yet inspire Rousreuel. Ultimately though, he wishes to be a hero much like those in legends despite the fact that he would be hailed as a villain by many.

Stage: House of Valentine: Prague Residence
Theme: Unblessed Soul

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