Rebellia Artemicia


Rebellia Artemicia is a naga Royal Guard from Physeter, Orcinus. She is the daughter of Titanius.

Reading too much of human exploit and fairy tales, she fell in love with a human prince, Julien. Convinced that the prince only likes another human, she sought a way to gain humanoid legs. On her journey, she met Pierce's and get along with his traveling friend, Blanche. Rebellia was intrigued by their story and joined them, in hoping she could ask for a pair of legs to the Aistear Creidimh.

She has robin-egg-blue eyes and sea green hair. She is a romantic girl, to the point of being crazy about it. If she knows that someone is trying to take advantage of her soft side, she will impale the person with her trident. She is very fond of sea creatures and is proud being one of them. She often refers other land creatures as "surface dweller". In battle, Rebellia wields a trident, and while she is average on the offensive side, she has great defensive skills.

She can cook various seafood dishes and is among the better cooks in party. When idling in a town, she usually hangs around in wharf or sings in pubs or bars to collect money. Sometimes Sleipial joins her singing.

Her journey represents her self-sacrifice. She is making herself suffer in order to manipulate others. She is being passive about the situation from which she could extricate herself quite easily.

Rebellia's name was taken from one of my real life cousin. Her last name is a corruption of the Japanese spelling of Final Fantasy VIII villain, Ultimecia (Arutimisia), which I misread as "Arutemisha", hence I used to call her as Artemicia. She is 17 years old during the event of Prelude of the Midnight Sun, 160 cm tall (standing, about 600 cm in total length) and weighs 77 kg.

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