Age: 33
Birthdate: 18 Escorpio 4243
Birthplace: Corazoras

Percio too was once believed to be capable of serving as a vessel for a demon in the same way. Perhaps this is why they are kindred spirits. Unlike Rousreuel though, he was never part of the Novus Lux's schemes and has in fact been leading an underground rebellion against the society calling themselves Alatus along with a former monk from the East, Kouki. They freed Rousreuel from the Novus Lux's prisons and took him in for a year before he left them due to both disagreeing with Percio's ways and to avoid getting his protectors in trouble. Even so, the necromancer has come to strongly admiring the one known only as the Moon's Blade to their mutual enemies as well as a rival in his war against the order that secretly rules the known world. Even though they claim themselves as a mercenary group, Percio considers his comrades not as soldiers, but as the family to replace the one slain by his captors. Known for his charm, Percio sees his powers as a Devil-spawn as a boon rather than a curse and his optimistic views and wisdom inspire both Rousreuel and the orphans he cares for as well. Percio claims himself as the night's champion and the champion's night in that he seeks to make a brighter tomorrow.