Created by Kristof


Osiris is one of many powerful beings that existed in ancient times. They were even worshiped as gods by mortals. Many of these beings craved more power, and soon battles began between them. Though extremely long lived and powerful, they were not immortal. Many of them died, including Osiris' beloved wife Isis. A truce was soon formed, and Osiris laid his wife to rest in a sarcophagus sealed in a secluded black pyramid. After some years he soon retired to a similar pyramid far from hers, not being able to carry on without her. He had planned to sleep for eternity. But after many centuries, he was awoken from his slumber. He sensed that the mystic energies of Isis' pyramid had become active. Still not in full control of his faculties from his long sleep, he is convinced that Isis has been resurrected and is determined to reunite with her.