Created by Kristof


Although her parentage is often questioned by the other Daemon Lords, Naamah has managed to gain the title of Daemon Lord. She is an extremely powerful Succubus, and controls an army of lesser Succubi and Inccubi. She can also alter her form to whatever she desires. She is actually delighted in the anguish of Baphomet and her dealings with Kristof. But things really caught her attention when Kristof killed one of her Inccubi agents. Continued secret observations of the Emperor did not induce rage in her, but adoration. Naamah approached Baphomet and offered any help she can give, under one condition. That the Emperor was not to be killed, but to be her personal slave. Baphomet reluctantly agreed, but has no intention of honoring their agreement, for she plans on ripping the Emperor apart with her bare hands.