Age: 21
Birthdate: 1 Aquario 4255
Birthplace: Asturania

Ever since she was young, Meriam's father wished for her to be a fair ruler despite her gender and also to free Asturania from the reign of the Novus Lux. Shortly after her birth however, war broke out as otherworldly fiends invaded her country. She was sent to live in the abandoned castle of Veiconia with her Uncle and general of Asturania Volos as the king led his soldiers to what would be their inevitable doom and her brother, the heir of Asturania disappeared. As she grew older and learned of her family's past, Meriam has sworn not only to reclaim the throne from its usurper, but to also vanquish Bal whom she believes is the source of her sworn enemy's power. She has been trained in the art of swordplay by her uncle and true mastermind against the conqueror of her country and in order to gain support, she willing chose to be betrothed to the Order knight Iairus for further support in her battle. She is loved by her people and despite being raised to be an ideal ruler, she too is a proper lady sworn by her devotion to Asturania and seeks to better not just her country, the rest of the world. She and Rousreuel may not see eye-to-eye but they both have a mutual understanding of each other's goals. Unlike her deceased father though, she does not know of the Novus Lux's designs on her homeland and the truth behind the war…

Stage: Ancient Citadel: Peacetime
Theme: Daybreaker

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