Created by Kristof


In the long dark room the Emperor uses to display his trophies, usually the heads or various other parts of the various monstrous creatures he has dispatched, he felt a strange vibration coming from a small section of wall. He placed his hand near it and the wall section slid open. Inside he found a deceptively large room filled with various weaponry and artifacts. Near the entrance on a pedestal lay a book, bound in an unidentifiable leather or hide. He began to read it and discovered it was a catalog written by Shakari's father Dakkon, who he killed and took his place as the Dark Emperor. The book was a catalog that listed the items in the room, as well as possible other artifacts that Dakkon had intended to obtain. The artifacts are listed as very powerful, some too powerful to be in the hands of anyone, whether their intentions were good or evil. As Kristof read on, he started to understand the reason Dakkon had started this as to what he refers to in the book as the "Depository of Lost Artifacts". He had listed many artifacts he had managed to obtain through dangerous means. The Spear of Destiny, the Sword of Artur, and the Ring of Sulayman to name a few. Upon hearing he had discovered her father's depository, Shakari begged Kristof to seal off the room permanently and to forget what he discovered, for she believed it helped lead Dakkon into his paranoia. But Kristof had to agree with what Dakkon had said in the book, that some artifacts are too dangerous and should be locked away. Kristof has also began making plans to obtain the other items in the book that Dakkon was not able to acquire. Kristof started by adding a couple of items to the depository that he had obtained in Ostrheinsburg, the Soul Swords.

Four of the artifacts Dakkon had listed in his catalog where four captive Jinn, mystic creatures who could control the elements. Though they must obey the commands of the one who possesses their containers, they can still be very dangerous. Dakkon believed that they were trapped by possibly their own kind due to the fact that they were far more powerful than others and were feared.

This particular Jinn is known as a Marida, a water elemental. She is contained in a vessel that seems to have been carved from blueish-green coral, and the vessel seems to be filled with water. Dakkon's book has her listed as not evil, and her kind is known too be peaceful. But the Marid are known to be the most powerful Jinn, as they can sink an entire armada of ships with but a gesture.

The Emperor does not yet know this but Djinni has been releasing her "sister" the Marida, and they have been causing harmless mischief around the residents of the Black Citadel. Items being mysteriously relocated, guardsmen having their boot laces tied together, courtesans getting their backsides pinched, etc.