Created by Kristof


It was the monthly gathering at the Black Citadel where citizens and nobles from near and far gather to honor and/or petition the Emperor and Empress. It was during this a proud-looking woman in elaborate armor strolled through the crowd towards them. At first glance many thought is was a Dark Elf, which is a rare sight, but the eyes and horns said otherwise. She walked up to the Emperor and Empress, knelt to one knee and presented an small golden treasure box filled with precious gems. She introduced herself as Leilah, daughter of her clan's leader of Kuro-Oni (black oni). She extended her father's and her clan's appreciation to the Emperor who slew the Aka-Oni warlord Shuten, who had personally slain many of their kind. But before the Emperor could extend his hand to a possible ally, she became stern and proceeded to explain that the death of Shuten and the destruction of one of the most powerful Oni clans has left a power vacuum that the Kuro-Oni intend to fill. She then gave a warning that if the Emperor or any of his subjects were not to interfere with any of their plans or actions no matter what. Any interference would be considered an act of war. She then turned and walked out of the throne room as calmly as she had entered. The Empress cast a worrying glance at the Emperor, who was rubbing his chin as he watched the young woman leave. She knew all to well he was already trying to come up with a way to deal with this issue, as he has done so many times since he became Emperor.