Kirsche Serpentear


Kirsche Serpentear is a demon Chatelaine Warden who has forgotten her past.

On a gloomy day, Kirsche lost her ship, Henrietta, along with her entire crew. She was found on a beach by Renn and Perseonn. After being nursed back to health, Kirsche tags along, hoping to find her ship. Due to how Renn dresses, she considers him gay.

Kirsche has gold eyes and dark orchid hair with a side ponytail. She wields a whip and is not reluctant to use it on her friends, which is one reason Sauron and Perseonn obey her commands. Although she likes to command her male party members by the crack of her whip, deep down she actually cares about them. However, she is not the type of person to explicitly say that she cares for others. Kirsche treasures her ship and her small pirate hat. In battle, Kirsche wields a whip and acts as the main spellcaster and debuffer of the party.

Kirsche cannot cook at all, but she is not ashamed of it. She was once persuaded to make a dish and the party claimed it to be pure poison. When idling in a town, she will use her beautiful voice to sing in pub or bars to collect money. Sometimes she does it along with Sleipial.

Kirsche's journey represents her ability to regenerate. She can only allow birth to new experience and new ways of being by letting go of that which is no longer necessary in her life.

Kirsche's name was derived from the Kirschwasser in Xenosaga. Her last name was chosen by one of my cousin. She is 18 years old during the event of Requiem of the Twilight Star, 155 cm tall and weighs 48 kg.

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