Cathabell Marigold


Cathabell Marigold is a human Aura Cleric from Cadarnle, Coron. She is the daughter of Siev and Warwick.

Witnessing the ruin, Cathabell wanted a fresh start and convinced that she could be a capable princess. She sought to recreating the ruined world, and met the similar-minded Charmaine and Spica. As they explore the regions of the Glass Library, Cathabell met with Richter and his party who is working toward restoring the world.

She has lime eyes and medium length marigold hair. She is energetic and rebellious, but easily heartbroken if other people get hurt because of her. She tends to overthink problems and tries to solve them using her powers alone, no matter how impossible it is. She is somehow very savvy about her self-proclaimed princess position. In battle, she wields mystic wands which increases her healing power to sustain her party.

She is proficient in making cakes and pastries, but not too good with making the bread itself. When idling in the garden, she can be found in the library section reading books and, along with other members, training to be a proper princess.

Her journey represents her unconscious self. She is not able to see the whole picture. There are hidden things that cannot or will revealed. She is deceiving or being deceived.

Cathabell's full name was taken from one of my seniors's e-mail address in high school. She is 18 years old during the event of Concert of the Morning Moon, 160 cm tall and weighs 45 kg.

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