Balendar is Alondar's twin brother. He was born "blessed" the same as Alondar, but was not as powerful. They both ruled their land together for many years, but Alondar's lust for power made him force his brother to renounce his claim and make him sole ruler. Balendar refused, and challenged his brother. But Alondar was stronger and easily defeated Balendar. He had him imprisoned and tortured for months, severely scarring his body and face. Balendar managed to eventually escape into the Wastelands where Alondar presumed him to have perished. Recent events of Alondar trying to invade the Dark Emperor's kingdom and to take the Empress' cousin Coryn for his bride, failing to due so and retreating through the Forest of Shadows and back into his own territory has caught the attention of Balendar. He believes his brother's weakened state and the loss of much of his army is a sign that now is the best opportunity to exact revenge. He journeyed to the Black Citadel and let himself to be taken prisoner. He promised the Emperor that if he helps him overthrow his brother and make him ruler, that their kingdoms would be allies. In the weeks he spent at the Citadel helping with plans to invade Alondar's lands, he like his brother found himself drawn to the Empress's cousin Coryn, who due to Alondar's proximity during his attempted invasion, has transformed and has not been able to revert back to her normal form. They became close, even agreeing that they in fact weren't "blessed", but rather cursed. After several weeks of plans and strategies, The Emperor began to lead his army into Alondar's kingdom. With him was Balendar, prepared if need be to face his brother once again in a fight to the death, and by Balendar's side, his new bride Coryn.

Dark Saga

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