Amara has been impersonating the goddess Isis for centuries. But absorbing the power from Isis' unoccupied tomb brought the wrath of Osiris down on her and she was buried when he smashed the tomb. She survived and managed to pull herself out of the ruins only to find she had lost her new found powers, and was once a walking desiccated mummy once more. Having nowhere to go, she wandered deep into the Forest of Shadows. Her dried flesh soon completely fell away, to reveal a metallic gold skeleton underneath, possibly an effect from her former power. She found herself being led deeper into the forest. She came upon what seemed like a settlement being inhabited by the walking dead. She was noticed and brought to their leader. He was a tall charred skeletal figure wearing regal attire. He was fascinated with her as he introduced himself as Alamok the Necromancer. He was building and army of the undead to attack the mortal world, and wished to capture and destroy all who live in the Black Citadel. He offered her a place at his side and she agreed.

Dark Saga

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