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Alamok served the Dark Emperor many generations ago. He practiced the forbidden arts such as necromancy, even resurrecting himself after his untimely "death". After this, one of his favorite apprentices, a young and brilliant Alchemist named Oleron, found out about a plot Alamok was preparing to transfer his soul from his fragile undead body into the current Dark Emperor. Oleron defeated him, and became the Emperor's new Vizier. Alamok's body was quartered and beheaded, and the parts separated to prevent him from coming back. His head was left in his old laboratory, and it was sealed and never to be entered again.


Lunitari was wandering in the lower levels of the Citadel, being drawn by something she had trouble ignoring. She stumbled upon Alamok's old lab. She was astonished by the sheer knowledge and contents that were just forgotten. She was especially drawn to a blacked skull that was there. It seem to speak to her, promising her of mysteries beyond her imagination. She began carrying the skull around with her. This has risen suspicions in Oleron who has been keeping a close eye on her activities.

Dark Saga

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