Slinn Thiefy
Created by Slinn Thiefy


Even at a young age, Slinn Thiefy was recognized by having superb strength, since he held a heavy sword with no apparent difficulty. Also, he was skilled fighting with daggers and medium swords.

He became a thief at a young age, because his parents were poor and died from a disease. He left on a quest to bring money not only to himself, but to his village as well. However…

5 years after his journey, he found his village in ruins. Before dying, one person said it was a knight coated in black armor who destroyed the village.

Fueled with revenge, Slinn somehow traveled to the world of this knight, that hunted souls from various worlds, and arrived at a land known as "Europe". All of the people only talked about the "black knight". Slinn had no doubts it was the person who destroyed his village.

Slinn knew this enemy was powerful, so he gathered all of the strength and skills inside him, and set on a journey to seal away this identity and have his revenge.

He met a young princess on the way who also wanted to stop the Black Knight. Slinn didn't know that his and the princess's fates will be intertwined.

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