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Ryuakuma are a subspecies of Ryugami that are created when a human being is sacrificed to a dying dragon, so it may have a new life using the sacrificial offering's body as a vessel. Since the Ryugami takes the vessel forcefully, their souls do not bond and the human souls dies causing the vessel to become hideously deformed as only the dragon's soul is keeping it alive. The extremes of the deformities vary from individual to individual. Some are somewhat human in appearance while others are humanoid dragons.

These creatures are considered to be a more primitive type of Ryugami and are prone to heinous acts of violence. They hate Ryugami since they are unable to blend in with humanity like them thus they are forced to a life in solitude while Ryugami are easily to blend in with humans and live normal lives. Due to their hatred for the Ryugami, Ryuakuma often wield dragon-slaying weaponry, but this is a double-edged sword since they also have a weakness to this type of weapon.

Like the Ryugami, Ryuakuma have concentrated lava-like blood are able to assume a true dragon form which is often larger than the true form of a Ryugami. In both forms they are physically stronger and more powerful than a Ryugami. They are also immortal like a Ryugami, but are more easily killed since they are also weak against holy weaponry as well as dragon-slaying weaponry.