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As from a sky. The hasty multitude admiring entered, and the work some praise and some the Architect: his hand was known in Heaven by many a Towered structure high where Sceptered Angels held their residence, and sat as Princes, whom the supreme King exalted to such power, and gave to rule, each in his Hierarchy, the Orders bright. Nor was his name unheard or unadorned in Ancient Greece and in Ausonian land men called him Mulciber…
(John Milton; Paradise Lost) 

Mulciber, the infernal architect; cast into hell for his role in the revolt of the fallen Archangel, Lucifer; who else could build Algol's Tower of Remembrance?

The Hero King, bearer of the Soul Edge, had tasked Mulciber with the construction of his great tower, but Algol had been undone by the greed of his own Son and gave up his own life to create a sword that could withstand the corruption of the evil blade.

Algol along with the tower that Mulciber had built faded from memory; a myth forgotten by History but the clash in the Lost Cathedral had re awoken Algol's spirit. After a millenia, the Hero King once more walked the earth and now he possessed both blades.

Veiled by the actions of the Hero King, though, Mulciber marshaled his strength behind the scenes. Mulciber had built the Tower of Remembrance as the seat of power for an Empire that would span the known world but it was a seat that he always intended to occupy himself…