Kamen Rider Tenma
Created by griffontrey


A mysterious man empowered to destroy evil in this violent era via force in the name of justice. He appears and disappears when he pleases, taking action swiftly in the face of any threat. His motives are his own; he takes no sides and relies on his own judgement of good and evil to select his targets. Those who see him wonder as to his alignment, for times his methods are harsh and unorthodox. He claims no love, no friends, no family save the massive weapon he hefts over his shoulder and the horse which he rides to where he will discover his next opponent.

Tales of a weapon as the embodiment of all evil have arisen in great number and varying styles in these dark days. It is that weapon and its wielder who have moved to the priority on his mission, and all those in between are chaff to be thrown to the wind. He wanders now in the directions the rumors send him, moving ever closer to his destiny, and the whispers of his name float on the wind with those rumors as he passes through: "Beware the Rider."