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Seventeen years ago, he was still alive. Seventeen years ago he was a boy with not a hint of bitterness of the man he is today, then eager to try and win the love of the princess he so pined for.

Mostly content with his life as a traveling merchant continuing to try and expand the company his parents had created, Ibrahim sought to gain the attention of the kingdom's princess as she strolled through the market one day. Unfortunately she was escorted by some bad company: a ruthless group of mercenaries named the White Knights. As they strolled through the market they destroyed stands and goods, the people too terrified to say or do anything and the princess visibly distraught, but silent as her escorts terrorize her people. Ibrahim is different though, he possessed a simpler take on things respecting and treating others well is extremely important to him; so he made the fatal mistake of calling the mercenaries out on their mistreatment.

Without delay, their leader Weiss declares that Ibrahim has sullied their honor and must duel him. Ibrahim, unarmed and unfamiliar with the martial arts accepts the challenge and is butchered single handedly by Weiss right on the spot. However, Weiss notices another presence and immediately strikes. It is the psychopompos intended to ferry Ibrahim to the next world, severely harmed by Weiss' attack. The damage he inflicts to her causes her to lose most of her abilities and essentially be reduced to a mere mortal. Weiss leaves his two victims be…

In the time since, Ibrahim has become accustomed to his precarious state of undeath, learning that 'dying' again will be very much permanent. He has forgotten what his face was like before Weiss destroyed it, learned to fight as viciously as his foe, and gotten to know his emotionless pscyhopompos(whom he nicknames 'Pomp") is much less than human. Pomp refuses to leave him unescorted until they can do something about Weiss a man capable of sensing and harming a being from the great beyond must have some way to restore her power and allow her to ferry Ibrahim to the next world.

Unfortunately, the White Knights and Weiss seemed to have all but disappeared shortly after Ibrahim's death. Seventeen years later, rumors of two incredibly powerful weapons and the White Knights seem to be intertwined. Seeing it as their best chance, Ibrahim and Pomp head towards Osthreinsburg in search of answers…