Holy Crusader
Created by Phantasmagoria


There is a tale from the knights of old… In another age where the lands were swept in constant chaos and turmoil, where fear wreaks havoc and death was commonly left in its wake, an evil clutched the very lives of many, it seems that the apocalypse was at hand, all hope was lost until a glimmer of hope rose from the horizon, a true warrior of valor, a crusader with a will as strong as steel, a devotee of god, an enforcer of his will, the light of mankind, to protect the innocent and to condemn the guilty, he stood to challenge the evil.

The battle ensued with neither opponent backing down, the earth trembled, the heavens sundered, the final blow was at hand, as the power of the two entities clashed, a cataclysmic explosion erupted, it shattered the sky in two, in the midst of the destruction, the crusader stood in victory, as he finally silenced the great evil, but at the cost of the lives his loved ones, the holy knight fell in remorse.

It was said the he took the bodies of his loved ones, in a secluded place and buried them, alongside them he laid himself to rest, but never allowed himself to die. For he did not fulfill his oath to protect the ones he loved, now he sleeps, for he knew the evil will wreak havoc again, and when that time comes…he will bring forth the judgment of god upon it.