Blue Crystal
Created by Shotgunner


Crystal had been vigilant in her oath to defend the Grandall Empire from all threats. Though just having graduated from the military academy, she had successfully led multiple campaigns against Grandall''s enemies, then against Grandall itself after the king was overthrown. Despite her restoring the crown to it''s rightful holder, she was banished for the remainder of her life.

The King, though saddened by this decision, granted her the sword "Fire Blade". Though granting her a sword, he refused to grant her any armor from the Empire''s armory, revealing to her that the Halteese Republic AND the Kingdom of Dalkia had requested her to be be-headed, due to her actions in the previous conflicts. Instead, the king had decided to exile her.

To further help prevent her true identity from being discovered, the king had his greatest mage recolor her hair to a striking shade of blue - a shade seen very rarely in the lands of the Three Kingdoms. Thus, he explained, is the reason why he can not provide any armor for her, as all Grandall armor had a royal crest magically affixed to it, and there was not time enough to craft a new set for her before representatives of both Halteese and Dalkia arrived.

Spending one final night with her friends and sister, she gathered some provisions and an outfit suited for a wanderer… or a freelance. Now calling herself Blue Crystal, she set out to wander the lands, always in search of the next battle…

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