Ayesha Ansari
Created by NekoIruha


Name: Ayesha Ansari
Age: 39
Birthplace: Africa
Birth Date: January 16
Height: 5' 3
Weight: 115 lbs.
Laterality: Left
Costume Name: Dancing Blossom
Likes: Making clothes, fashion
Dislikes: People with lack of fashion sense
Favorite Food: Salad
Weapon: Tambourines
Weapon Name: Marietta

Co-workers/Zara and Eldia

A woman who owns a fashion shop in the Edol Kingdom. Her business has been there for 12 years, and she makes the clothes all by herself. It was so popular that the Edol Kingdom declared all clothing would be made from Ayesha's shop. When her child was born, she needed help. The business sales went down by 8%, but the clothes were given to the homeless.

She closed down her shop until Heide turned 5, and then, many people were complaining about the Fashion Shop. She opened the business once again, and sales went up crazier then ever.

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