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The Furies; born of the blood of the first God in the primordial sea and feared by man and God alike, for theirs was the deliverance of retribution for the most grievous of transgressions!

To Alecto; the castigator, fell the task of punishing moral crimes. So implacable and unceasing was she in her duties even the Gods themselves would strive to appease her or risk her unrelenting wrath! To Megaera, Alecto's sister, fell the punishment of the impious and adulterous; spreading jealousy, envy and spite; she drove the wicked to madness! Tisiphone; the avenger and the youngest sister, was called upon to punish the crime of murder; feared for her sadistic cruelty she visited the most horrific chastisements on those who spilled the blood of others…

Only the three sisters could give answer for the corruption and greed that had spilled the blood of so many; for this was the world Algol had arrived in. Scattered, directionless; the people looked to venal and self-serving despots who were only looking out for their own interests and the blood of the innocent was spilled along with the rest. Only strong and uncompromising leadership could eradicate this decay; Algol's new world order would be born out of the flames of the old. The terror he would unleash would wash the world clean with the blood of the unrighteous! The Hero King traveled, alone, to the Underworld; to the very gates of Tartarus, where he stood; fearless and resolute under Alecto's crimson gaze.

"Sisters," said she; her mouth curled into a cruel smile, "we have a visitor…"

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