Rhadamanthys Rutherford


Rhadamanthys Rutherford is a human Dread Knight and one of the inhabitants of the Glass Library. He is cunning and manipulative, making him the leader of the Glass Library. Rhadamanthys only cares about the other 3 inhabitants of the Glass Library. Aside from them, everyone else is only fodder to him. Rhadamanthys and Scherazard are lovers, while he treats Crimea as a sister and Arcadia as a mother. He likes to spend time in the Glass Library reading books.

Rhadamanthys is the preconcept of Sauron and Perseonn. Along with Scherazard, Rhadamanthys was one of the main characters from Avenger Rampant. Rhadamanthys and Perseonn share some physical similarities, notably his long golden hair, but his personality is closer to Sauron, minus the playful side. He uses a giant scythe.

Rhadamanthys's name was taken from the wise king and judge of the dead from Greek mythology. His design was from old concepts from Avenger Rampant era. He is 175 cm tall and weighs 70 kg.

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