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The birthplace of Margo is unknown, but she was adopted and raised in the Grandall Empire by a well-known blacksmith named Ioan. Margo did not always get along with other people growing up, due to her confident and rebellious attitude and she was usually shunned by other people. Ioan, however understood Margo for her personality and still accepted her as his own child, which made Margo feel very loved and appreciated. Margo's feelings towards Ioan grew much stronger as she aged, but not as a fatherly figure due to the fact that she never felt so much love from a person. Ioan would always motivate her to do her best and he encouraged her to be a soldier due to her strong and bold character. Margo ultimately became one of the best officers for the Grandall Empire.

One day, Margo noticed that Ioan was not his usual self. He physically looked weaker and paler than usual and eventually became ill. Ioan's condition became much worse from day to day and Margo began to question Ioan's sickness, how he became from being so lifelike to being lifeless. Margo eventually found out he was ordered to make a sword for Empire Strife, a sword that included fragments of Soul Edge sword. As soon as she found out, she rushed to Ioan's store to persuade him to stop making the cursed sword. Margo suddenly saw his lifeless corpse being taken away by Strife's men as she saw Strife holding the finished sword Ioan was making. Margo learned that the sword was evil and she needed to destroy it as she and the people of Grandall can already see the sword absorbing the life out of Strife. Losing the person Margo loved the most enraged her. She knew that she needed to stop the malfested soul of Strife to not only avenge Ioan's death, but for the sake of the people of Grandall and eventually joined the Arthias Rebels.

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