Created by Jakobus


Age: 38
Birthplace: Magdeburg, Holy Roman Empire (present day Germany)
Birthday: September 1
Blood Type: B
Alignment: Neutral

Wife: Unnamed
Children: one unnamed son

With the XVI century coming to the end and with new weapons especially the ones using gunfire being developed, knights were slowly becoming the relic of the past. Heinreich's grandfather was in Teutonic Order, but after it becomes principality of Prussia under Poland protection, the order dissipated. Heinreich proud of him dreamed about becoming a knight as well, after what seem like eternity he become one and begin his services for Prince of Bradenburg, since the state was not waging wars he was mostly assigned as a law enforcer, in order to hunt down thieves and assassins. Recently he received news that a nobleman from Prussia was assassinated, and his order was to hunt down the Assassin.

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