Created by Jakobus


Real Name: Flavio
Age: 38
Birthplace: Rome The Papal State (present day Italy)
Birthday: August 21
Blood Type: B
Alignment: Good

Parents: Unnamed
Uncle: Augustus
Sister: Francesca

Young Flavio came from a rich merchant family in Rome, his parents expectations were for him to inherit the business, He on the other side was always interested in tales and legends about Roman soldiers and Gladiators, told by his uncle Augustus who was a historian and to some degree archaeologist working in the ancient ruins of Rome searching for artifacts. One day Flavio was given a wooden sword as a form of toy, however to him it was not a toy but rather a practice weapon and a chance to become a warrior. Years passed and his parents died from illness. He decided with his sister that she and her husband will become heirs of their parents business, while Flavio decided to search for notorious Lakeside Coliseum and join the gladiators there. "Be careful little brother" that's what Francesca said when he departed. He changed his name to Flavius and quickly became on the best fighters in the arena, but there was a woman, he could not defeat Livia.

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