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Evrild was born in the Grandall Empire and was raised by her father who was a general. Her mother deceased when she gave birth to Evrild. Because of having no motherly figure, Evrild grew up having hobbies that boys would generally do. She spent most of her childhood and adolescence training by her father and became a beautiful and independent young woman. Despite being a charming lady, she was very intimidating to the men, due to the reason of her father being a general and having a very proficient skill in fighting. Eventually, Evrild became one of the top-ranked soldiers in Grandall. One day, Evrild came home from training and found her father wounded on the floor. In his last dying words, he said that Emperor Strife has sent a bounty hunter named Ende to kill him due to the fact of her father having more popularity and respect than Strife himself. Fueled with anger, Evrild decided it was time to raise her weapon towards the Grandall Empire in order to defeat the corrupted emperor. In order to do this, she eventually joined the Arthias Rebels to avenge her father's death.

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