Dark Andrew
Created by andretop68


Dark Andrew is born when Andrew while he was fighting Queen Chrysalis broke a mirror that she drop between them, cutting himself in two sides of him, the light and the darkness. While she thought that she could use Dark Andrew as her new minion, Chrysalis order him to attack Andrew, but her plans backfired when Dark Andrew annonced that he was his only master and that he was taking order from no one.
After the victory against Queen Chrysalis, Dark Andrew stay with Andrew and his friends as their new ally. While he was pretty cold and lonely at the beginning, he become more friendly to the group.
When the war between the two princess begin, Dark Andrew pick his side and stand alongside Princess Luna. On the battlefield, he's the leader of Luna's Army and can become very cruel and evil against his opponents. When he, Andrew and the princess found that the cause of this fight was because of a third army, Dark Andrew and Andrew decide to unify the two army again in order to save Equestria. He, alongside Andrew and Eclipse, defeat Shadow Andrew, the leader of the changelings army.
After the peace was restored, Dark Andrew take back his role as a guardian and continue to defend Equestria alongside his friends.