Andrew (MLP)
Created by andretop68


When he was young, Andrew was been summon into Equestria in order to help the Mane 6 to defeat Nightmare Moon. After they won, Andrew decide to stay at Equestria and so he's was named "Guardian of Equestria" by both Princess Celestia and Luna.

When the war between the two princesses began, Andrew picked his side and stood alongside Princess Celestia. On the battlefield, he's the leader of Celestia's Army and even when he's wounded, he still continue to fight until his army won.

When he, Dark Andrew and the princess found that the cause of this fight was because of a third army, Andrew and Dark Andrew decide to unify the two army again in order to save Equestria.

He, alongside Dark Andrew and Eclipse, defeat Shadow Andrew, the leader of the changelings army.

After the peace was restored, Andrew take back his role as a guardian and continue to defend Equestria alongside his friends.

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