Aello is the lead female character in fiction Chronicles: Prelude of the Midnight Sun. She is the harpy familiar of Renn and followed him through fiction Chronicles: Requiem of the Twilight Stars. She began her journey to find Sauron, where she traveled with Sleipial and Leonide. In battle, Aello wields forged claws attached to her legs and employs hit-and-run tactics.

Aello has spring green eyes and a long vanilla hair. She was previously spoiled and lazy, but when she became Sauron's familiar, she learned how to serve as well as enjoying even little things. Once in a week, Aello lays about 1 or 2 eggs. These eggs are unfertilized and Sauron always helped her in laying the eggs. Aello does not mind that Sauron cooks the egg after.

Aello cannot cook and does not mind raw food. She usually hunts for raw ingredient for the party to cook. When idling in a town, she is usually perched in a park tree. She cannot earn money on her own, thus Sleipial usually takes Aello to do errands in hunter's guild.

Aello's journey represents her personal destiny. No matter how much responsibility she takes for her actions, somethings are completely out of her control.

Aello's name was taken from the Greek mythology of three harpy sister. She is 15 years old during the event of Prelude of the Midnight Sun, 140 cm tall and weighs 27 kg.

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