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Name: Trini
Gender: Female
Class: Saint
Author: Fox Strife




Class: Saint

Head: Cloth Headband - 15,20
Hair: Double Pigtails - 18,01 | 27,19
Chin: Blush - 03,18
Lower Torso: Dancer's Brassiere - 36,25
Mid Torso: Chinese Robe - 15,20
Arms: Bangles - 08,18 | 27,19
Neck: Priest Necklace - 01,14
Waist: Spy Belt - 27,19
Socks: Knee Socks - 11,13
Feet: Holy Boots - 15,20

Face: 04
Eyebrows: 06,04
Lips: 03,20
Eyes: 27,18
Skin: 04,17
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Girl 1


Priestess Trini Halliwell, orphaned at birth, she was taken in by the village priest and taught the ways of their religion since she could understand. During her studies, she stumbled upon a sacred book, hidden in the shrine's massive library which possessed a sacred art of fighting that was used by her ancestors. She questioned her adopted “father” about this sacred art and was allowed to train under its teachings. As time went by, Trini became a master of this books sacred teachings and became the first woman ever to become a priestess at such a young age. Later on, her adopted father fell ill with a disease and on his death bed, told Trini of the reason for this sacred book being written…To destroy the man on the pale horse when Armageddon hits, Death himself…With this information, she sets off to find out about this fearsome man and finds her self in the presents of a holy-like warrior, a woman named Elianna and help her in her quest as she continues hers.