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Name: Sekiam
Gender: Male
Class: Barbarian
Author: Sammichmastah




Class: Barbarian

Head: Samurai Headband - 26,05
Hair: Long Straight - 01,26
Lower Torso: Chain Mail - 01,25
Mid Torso: Viking's Tunic - 01,17
Upper Torso: Cursed Gear - 26,02
Arms: Dragon Gauntlets - 26,02
Shoulders: Viking Shoulders - 26,02
Neck: Scarf - 01,16
Waist: Leather Covering - 01,21, 26,05
Upper Legs: Matabiki - 01,24, 01,24
Socks: Tabi - 01,18
Feet: Protective Greaves - 01,20

Face: 02
Eyebrows: 01,25
Lips: 04,06
Eyes: 23,23
Skin: 06,16
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Young Man 2


Even as his days as a child, Sekiam had always sought a challenge from anyone around him to prove himself and to become stronger. Always putting on the "tough guy" act on the outside, but does help people who need it from time to time. Years later he now wanders the land, traveling to exotic places, seeking more knowledge for battle, and facing off against anyone he sees as a worthy combatant. Sooner or later, he heard the rumors of an azure knight with inhumane amounts of strength on a gruesome killing spree, destroying all with a demonic sword of bloodcurdling wrath. After hearing of this, the now ecstatic traveler immediately goes off to the next land in search for this "dreaded azure knight". But he does not wish to possess the powers of the Horrid blade, but rather to destroy it and it's wielder to prove that he is the strongest warrior of all the land.