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Name: Polaris
Gender: Male
Class: Knight
Author: Polaris




Class: Knight

Head: Headband - 01,27
Hair: Styled Back - 02,27
Lower Torso: Sleeveless Shirt - 25,03
Mid Torso: Hunter's Jacket - 25,03
Upper Torso: Lord's Armor - 01,17
Arms: Shogun's Gauntlets - 01,17
Shoulders: Lord's Shoulders - 01,17
Neck: Paladin's Cape - 25,03
Waist: Dougi-Obi - 01,27
Upper Legs: Slacks - 01,26
Shins: Master Shin Guards - 01,17
Feet: Cloth Shoes - 01,27

Face: 03
Eyebrows: 02,27
Lips: 03,05
Eyes: 25,24
Skin: 05,17
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Young Man 1


Polaris was never a normal person. His whole family originated from the stars, gifting them with odd powers. Polaris has the power to alter gravity to float in mid air. He also has highly developed psychic abilities. He can control all water and become invisible. He also is very balanced, agile, and fast. Polaris was very close with his mother, also named Polaris. She had the same powers as he did. But Polaris' father, Cepheus, was different. He didn't have magical abilities, but he was very, very smart. In fact, Cepheus never liked Polaris. He hated him from the day he was born. Cepheus hated Polaris so much that he left their family and built a lab of his own, changing his name to Cetonus. He became a form of a mad scientist, and an arch rival of Polaris. As Polaris got older on earth, whenever there was a crisis, Polaris secretly saved the day. Polaris had become a super hero. Later he met five heroes named Memphis, Axin, Reykei, Aqua, and Lief. His fate became tangled with those five heroes when they formed a team. Polaris, the Mystic; Axin, the Shadow Rider; Memphis, the Angel; Reykei, the Master of Elements; Lief, the Giver of Life; and Aqua, the Goddess. Meanwhile, Polaris' mother disappeared. Had Cetonus killed her? But deep in his soul, Polaris knew she was still alive, and he would find her, if it was the last thing he did. Little did he know, his destiny lied with a very close friend, Aqua, the Goddess…