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Name: Nic Omega
Gender: Male
Class: Saint
Author: Seto Matsuyori




Class: Saint

Hair: Gelled Back - 01,27
Lower Torso: Chain Mail - 01,27
Mid Torso: Hunter's Jacket - 02,25
Upper Torso: Lord's Armor - 01,27
Arms: Lord's Gloves - 01,27
Shoulders: Lord's Shoulders - 01,27
Neck: Magician's Cape - 36,23
Waist: Lord's Tasset - 01,27
Upper Legs: Slacks - 03,24
Shins: Cloth Shin Guards - Unseen
Socks: Tabi - Unseen
Feet: Lord's Leg Armor - 01,27

Face: 02
Eyebrows: 01,27
Lips: 03,05
Eyes: 32,23
Skin: 03,20
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Young Man 1


Nic Omega is one of three triplet noble half demons born to Alton and Mal Omega. He along with his twin brothers Cade and Ryder serve as regional lords themselves later in life. Nic himself is technically a Dark Mageknight, but prefers a scythe over a sword.